Thursday, May 31, 2012


Ingredients :
500g Brinjal
80g Split green chilli
100g red onion
2tsp garlic paste
2tsp ginger paste
10 curry leaves
5tbsp sugar
5 chopped cloves
2 cup vinegar
salt to taste
2tsp chilli powder
2tsp turmeric powder
3tbsp mustard paste
oil for fry
2tbsp soya sauce

Directions :
slice Brinjal length wise (1cm x 3cm) and mix with turmeric powder and salt. then deep fry it until golden brown. and put it to drain oil.
heat 3tbsp oil in a large pan and add green chilli and red onion fry it to about 1 minute. then add garlic paste, ginger paste, clove, mustard paste, salt, curry leaves, chilli powder, soya sause, turmeric powder, sugar and vinegar. mix all and cook about 2 minutes. next add fried brinjal and mix well. serve it after 45 minutes. 


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