Bandakka maluwa (Lady finger Curry)

500 g lady fingers
200 ml coconut milk
200 g onions
100 g tomatoes
30 g green chillies
10 g turmeric powder
20 ml coconut oil
5 g cumin powder
5 g cinnamon sticks
10 g coriander powder
                                                      5 gm salt
                                                       5 g curry leaves

Cut lady finger to 1 cm peaces, and chop tomato, green  chilies,
Mix littl turmeric powder and sald with lady finger, 
Heat oil and fry the lady fingers first. Assemble all the other ingredients together in a pot. Add oil and saute them together. Add half a cup of water and bring it to boil. Cook on a medium flame for 12 minutes.

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