Ingredients :
100 g brinjal (Slice lengthwise)
1 peace cinnamon
2cup coconut milk
10 curry leaves
8g chopped ginger
8g chopped garlic
3 slice green chillies
1/2tsp mustard cream
40ml oil
10g slice onions
3 slice red chillies
15g salt
4tsp sugar
2tsp turmeric powder
1cup vinegar
10g tamarind
10g curry powder

Directions :
add water to a large bowl and mix salt and turmeric, than add slice brinjal and put it about 15 minute. than remove brinjal in water and fry to golden brown color, than mix coconut milk, vinegar, mustard cream with fried brinjal, than heat oil and add all other ingredients (without sugar) and fry about 2 minute, than add brinjal mixture and cook for 15 minutes,finally add sugar just before removing from the fire .

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